Sense Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a unique organization operating in the meta-space of Health Domain and Sensing Technologies. The focus areas of SenseHealth include design of innovative artificial solutions using Deep Learning Network for challenging problems in Human Health, Animal Health, Structural Health & Battery Health. SenseHealth is also architecting innovative R&D solutions for predictive health monitoring using using IOT sensors and Machine Learning techniques. 

The solutions developed in SenseHealth is unique in nature and a number of technical papers published on our developed technologies in various journals including Royal Society of England, IEEE Transactions and Journal of Electro-cardiology, USA. List of papers are presented in the publication section.

Apart from playing a innovator role, SenseHealth also provide Consultancy Services and Development of Prototypes in Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Public Services and other domains using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).


Though it is not our core focus area, SenseHealth also assists organisations in building the capacity in various domains they are working through innovative training programs and process re-engineering initiatives. This also includes building leadership capability and skill-sets within the organization.

We believe in team-work and engage with clients from the beginning of our engagement and throughout our relationship at various levels,